Lolita Puff Sleeve Coat

Product Name: Lolita Puff Sleeve Coat
Product Code:ART :#GUE-LY-055BK



 Lolita Puff Sleeve Coat 63% Polyester 4% Spandex and 33% Artificial Cotton .

Weight 0.593KG

The Main Material is using micro-elastic woven fabric surface layer over American Network.

Sleeves made with dots flocking cute mesh lantern puff sleeve.

lovely romantic cute style of the coat.


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Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. Received my order today and it is absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to purchasing many more products from you!


Rahat The Garments are here and they look beautiful. When these are gone, there will be another order placed. Thank you, its a real pleasure to do business with you. Best Regards.....


Dear Sir, You and the employees of your company have gone above and beyond once again for my Company and we here in Canada very much appreciate it. We thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts. and thank you for the update.


Hi again Rahat, all the items are great, all was ok and the quality is super. Be sure that we will be in contact with you. Next weekend Once again thank you very much for your efforts we are very happy with your services Best regards


 Hello Mr Rahat The uniforms have arrived. The packaging was very good. Quality is also excellent! Thank you! There is a problem with a few things ( like short sleeves ), but we’ll retouch the sleeves ourselves. No problems. Thank you again for the fast shipping!

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