Term & Conditions

What is delivery time of shipment?
We delivered the trial orders within 2 to 3 weeks time period. Time of making of Gothic Garments of big order means bulk order quantity totally depends upon the quantity of order you want to be. We offer following approximate time limite of delivery…..

A. by Normal Post Air Mail EMS delivery time is 16- 17 working Days.
B. by DHL Courier Normal Via Uk Services 8-9 working Days.(Tracking # Issue after 4-5 Days)
C. by DHL Courier Urgent Direct From Pakistan 4 - 5 working Days.(Tracking # Issue Same Day)
D. by Fedex Courier Service 6 - 7 working Days.(Tracking # Issue Same Day)
E. by Cargo Port to Port Service are 6-7 Days.

Give us some packaging details?
We always work hard on our products to make them goods but we also believe that packaging is also necessary to the orders beautiful and safe . So we pack the products in good quality poly bags but we can offer our customers following packages for packing the order……
1.Zipper bag packing .
2.Transpirt Bags packing with Zipper and Buttons.
3.Seal packaging this is the totally Sealing by Sealer Machine.
4.Bubble packing
5. Speical Card Board Boxs

Return and Replacement Policy?
If our customers found any Color and Artwork fault, the product must be returned for replacement within 10 days by DHL or other international courier services, but keep in mind customers have to pay all the return shipping charges. The products can only be replaced only & only in the case of returning of defected product.

Defect Free Guaranteed?
Gothic Uniforms products offer our customers always a Defect Free Guaranty for long time…..because we believe in best quality not price.

What is minimum quantity order?
We know that every customer did not demands bulk order so we accept all kinds of orders.

We always demand the best minimum prices to all our dear and well-wisher customers remember if you make an order in bulk quantity we can offer you special Discount.

Attention about measurement?

It is a attention to our customers that please took great care while taking Model of Gothic Garments , Material and other Instructions of their Gothic Garments changings and double check them because when one time the products complete under the instructions then there will be no responsibilities from our side the responsibility will be of the customer so it is a kind request that please double check your order Details.

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