How to Order

How can we buy Gothic Garments ?

You can choose the Gothic Artical Number displayed at our Web site can send us your own Gothic Uniforms Art work Picture or Drawings with color and material Instructions with Email .
You can also do the same procedure via Fax, or Postal letter. When we receive your request our sales and service manager will contact you VIA email or by telecommunication . Please keep in mind that our products only available prices in U.S Dollars, Pound sterling and Euro only. Also brief us about the quality you want so we can make good relation with our customers.

Some very Importany points we want to clear :-

1.Material of Gothic Uniforms:

We have two different type of Material of Fabric.
(a) Cotton: Black 100% Cotton
(b) PC :Black 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester Heavy Jean.
(c) PVC: Black High Quality Imported Dull and Shine Finish
(d) Wool: 100% Wool Blazer available in any color
(e) Velvet material shiny
(f) Silk Material high Quality
(g) Satin material

 2.Drawings : 
After art work Drawing is the main heart of any Garments. All most the whole product depend upon the drawing work. Customer should select the drawing with full expertise and selection. Than forward to us.

3. Material: 
We use different variety of material which is very good in quality.
Heavy Wool,White wool,Satin,Top Tex,Silk,Cotton , Canvas and PC

4. Size:
Size have also main importance in Gothic Garments. Whenever customer wants to order he should keep in mind that size should be accurate and exact. There will be no changing after final selection.

5.Quality Control:
We are very conscious and accurate about quality. We use very high quality material . Our quality control team spent maximum time on final selection of products. Even Boy can harm their nail and muscle while examining the product and after complete satisfaction approved and finalize the product to pack

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